equipment classes

group pilates reformer

The Reformer is a machine that uses a varied pulley system to provide resistance and movement along a platform. The Reformer offers more precise body alignment beneficial for those new to Pilates. Pilates on the Reformer is designed to strengthen deep abdominals, back, and hip muscles as well as tone and stretch the entire body.

These workouts are designed for all levels of Pilates practioners. Only four Pilates Reformers in any given class make for a semi-private environment where each client will receive individualized attention to ensure correct form & movement. Pre-requisite: Intro to Pilates Reformer.

S60 (strength 60 minutes)

S60 is a powerful strength class that packs a full-body workout into 60 minutes. Each week we will perform different types of strength training intervals involving body weight exercises, free weights, BOSU, stability ball, bands, foam roller and more. Limited to 10 participants per session, this is a group class that feels a lot like an hour of personal training.

reformer + props

Designed for Pilates practitioners looking to enhance their traditional Pilates Reformer practice with the incorporation of various props for an added challenge (jump board, Pilates magic circle, Pilates ball, hand weights, etc). Limited to only four Pilates Reformers in any given class, providing the same semi-private environment and individualized attention offered with our Group Pilates Reformer classes. Pre-requisite: Intro to Pilates Reformer

equipment class pricing

  • $30 single group Equipment class

  • $240 10-class Equipment pass

  • $460 20-class Equipment pass

  • $275 1-month unlimited Equipment pass

Online, phone or email reservations are required for each format offered. Please arrive early; if you are not there by the time class starts, your spot may be given to someone else. For your safety and to minimize disruptions to the class, you will not be permitted to join if you are more than 15 minutes late.

Waitlist policy: if you are added to the waitlist for a class, you are responsible for removing yourself from the waitlist if you can no longer attend the class. If you get into the class, you will be notified via email/text. Failure to show up for a class results in being charged for the class.